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VA Loans: Who Gets Them And Road Blocks That Veterans Encounter

Americans who have actively served their country in all branches of the military and having left the service with anything other than a dishonorable discharge have access to a wide range of benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Under the Veterans Administration (VA) this includes assistance in purchasing a home. Great Terms On Home Loans […]

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Back To Credit Score Basics – What You Can Do To Qualify

How Do You Get A Credit Score? The consumer finance tool known as your FICO Score came from its namesake, The Fair Isaac Co., in response to a need for financial institutions to have a mathematical snapshot of consumer financial health. For sixty years it has helped American financial services companies to judge the credit […]

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Look Out For Misleading Mortgage Offers

If The Finance Deal Sounds Too Good, It Probably Is Buying a home is a big undertaking and one that has implications for the decisions that you make today that could impact your wealth and lifestyle for years to come. You need to be extremely careful to get the financing right so that you can […]

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Sacrifice These 6 Bad Habits To Find Home Financing

Eighteen Months To A Down Payment It is amazing how much the typical consumer spends on convenience items that they can substitute with a little effort. If you set a goal of buying your first home, there is a good chance you can get there in the next eighteen months by making some changes like […]

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Do Adjustable Rates Make Home Loans Dangerous?

Adjustable rate mortgages or ARMs are home loans where your payments change with the state of the economy, to reflect changing interest rates. A typical ARM has a period fixed for five years and then adjusting annually after that. The hazard for ARMs is that, if the economic conditions are right, they can become very […]

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Refinance To Pay Off Your Home Loans Faster, But Watch Out For These Traps

Of Shorter Terms And Greater Equity Your signed up for your first home loan, it was probably over thirty years because that was the cheapest way to finance or it gave you the most home for your monthly payment. When you were shopping for funding, did you happen to notice that fifteen-year loans did cost […]

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Financing Manufactured Housing And Mobile Homes

You Can Finance Your Manufactured Home Since the dawn of the automotive age, mobile homes have been convenient options for consumers to purchase as habitats, with or without title to land on which to place these abodes. In its modern form, the humble mobile home is now called a manufactured home, and it is a […]

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Private Mortgage Insurance Is Your Conventional Loan Leverage

But Leave It Behind At The First Opportunity If you thought that borrowers have to put a twenty percent down payment on a home to conventional home loans, you would be pleasantly surprised to find that this is not the case in fact. Borrowers can purchase insurance on conventional loans. The innovation of private mortgage […]

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Do These Three Things To Raise The Down Payment On Your First Home

Three Things To Unlock Your First Home Did you know that it could be cheaper to buy than to rent your home? That’s right! Even if you have never owned real estate before, there are officially sanctioned hacks that are designed to support home ownership in the United Sates, even after all of the highly […]

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Marking The Path To Home Ownership With Information

Use Your Personal Financial Information To Help Yourself The digital age gives consumers the chance to find out how they appear to credit agencies, to track changes in credit and manage finances better. With a little determination, consumers who know how to exploit the technology and interrogate the right information sources can use it to […]

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