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Should You Spend The Full Mortgage Amount You’re Approved For?

When you’ve gotten a pre-approval from your mortgage lender, you’re ready to start shopping for a home. While your pre-approval tells you how much the bank thinks you can afford, many first time buyers in particular wonder if they should actually spend as much as they’ve been approved for. The first thing to note is […]

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Can You Change Jobs Before Closing on Your Home?

Some of life’s biggest changes occur at the same time, even when you don’t plan it that way. It may just happen that you get a job offer that could greatly benefit your career with your closing date looming just weeks ahead. While your first instinct may be to reply with an ecstatic “YES!”; you […]

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Home Purchase Escrow Basics: What You Need to Know

You’ve likely heard the phrase “We’re in escrow!” before, but what does it mean? It’s always presented as though it’s positive and as though a house purchase is a done deal. Both of these things are true, but you do need to understand the process in order to be adequately prepared when the time comes. […]

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How Much Money Do You Need to Buy a Home?

One of the biggest concerns of first time home buyers when they’re looking at getting their first mortgage is just how much money they’re going to require. Qualifying for a mortgage is the first step in the process, but it is important to understand if you will need cash for your purchase and if so, […]

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Lenders Can Give You Leverage As A Buyer In These Ways

If you are independently wealthy or a lottery winner you probably buy a house with cash. For the rest of us, you can still buy a home to enjoy for the rest of your life. The most common way to do this is to work with a lender to pay for this major purchase over […]

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Investment Property Depreciation Makes All The Difference

Depreciation is one of the most useful tools that you can use to generate wealth out of your real estate investments. Sometimes the value of an investment hides in the details of the paperwork or the accounting records. So it is with this way to write off the costs of owning and operating a rental […]

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Before You Apply For A Mortgage Be Careful With Your Credit

Consumers In The Eyes Of Lenders Your credit history may seem like a vague and abstract stack of file entries to you. But to banks, the numbers and ledger entries are all they need or want to know about you. What lenders find in your credit report will determine how they respond when you apply […]

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Down Payment Gifts – Avoid The Obvious Mistakes

In Which You Say Down Payment Gift Three Times Trying to use a cash gift from friends or family as a down payment on a home is like rattling a can opener around cans of dog or cat food. Presumably, if you have the food you have the pet also and immediately get its full […]

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13 Hacks To Lift Your Credit Score Before You Buy A Home

Buying your first home is an excellent decision. But you may want to improve your credit score now that you are putting the plan into action. When you apply for a loan, you will want to be in the best financial position to get a good deal. The one thing that will disrupt your efforts most […]

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Earnest Money Deposits Show How Serious You Are

How Much Earnest Money Deposit And When? When real estate holdings transfer from a seller to a buyer, earnest money deposits get the ball rolling, they’re the good faith payment that says the purchaser means business. As a buyer, the usual practice is that you offer an earnest money deposit between $1,000 and two percent of the […]

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