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How Much Will It Cost To Refinance Your Mortgage?

The question of the cost of refinancing your mortgage is simple enough on the surface, but the details and the fees add up and appear before you begin and then over the lifetime of the new loan. You need to look carefully at the costs of a refi before you commit to even formally applying […]

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When Would You Leave One Partner Off The Loan Application?

Spouses Go Solo They do say that two can live as cheaply as one and a marital partnership usually supports the case for homeownership.  However, occasionally one partner has a mark on their credit history that makes the exception to this rule. In such situations, it might be better to leave them off the loan […]

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Prequalifying When You Still Have Outstanding Student Loans

It is a fact of modern life that if you have attended college in the last decade, you are likely to carry a debt from the effort. You might have ambitious plans about how you want to live your life and find that this debt is the greatest obstacle in your path. Specifically, how do […]

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Scooping Out The Middle With Home Equity Loans

What Is A Home Equity Line Of Credit? Do you have enough equity in your home to cash out and use it to increase your overall wealth? If you do, be forewarned that this is both an opportunity and a temptation that you could potentially misuse to your financial detriment. A home equity line of […]

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Match Your Home Finance Approach To Your Stage Of Life

As A Borrower, Either Millennial, Gen-Xer or Baby-Boomer Be There are three distinct stages in a homeowner’s life. Let’s call them Millennial, Gen-X, and Baby-boomer, and while these terms imply distinct generations you can think of them as a series of financial stages that lead one to another, ascending the ladder of wealth. Arguably, homeownership […]

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Is Co-Signing A Mortgage A Good Idea? The Pros And Cons

There are at least as many ways to finance a home purchase as there are circumstances in which to buy your home. Help from a friend or family member is one way to get that first home when it would otherwise be just out of reach. Co-signing the loan for a beloved family member is […]

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I’ve Found The Right Location But I Want To Build From Scratch – What Now?

Dreaming The Dream Ironically the key to building your own home from scratch is having the right professional support to put the whole process together and to ensure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish. The thought of building your own home is extremely appealing to homeowners. If you could live in a […]

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Buying The Worst Shack In A High Value Neighborhood

Is It Work Putting In A Bid And Doing The Work? Choosing to invest in a fixer upper in a nice neighborhood may seem like a case of following your heart but it is in fact a math problem. You are going to want to spend less than the full market price and then put […]

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Why Don’t Realtors Do Appraisals Anymore?

The Competitive Market Analysis Why is it that the expression “appraisal” isn’t slung around by realtors the way that it used to be thirty years ago? Well, it turns out there’s a pretty solid reason. Appraisal has come to mean an official statement of price opinion. The alternative is the competitive market analysis given by […]

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Move In Together And Merge Your Finances, But What About Refinancing?

It is an exciting time when you move in with a partner, one that should be the epitome of happiness. However, organizing cohabitation is more complicated in practice, especially if either one of you already owns the home and makes payments on a home loan. The question of whether you should refinance is a part of […]

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