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Mortgage Rates Move Lower: Understanding the FOMC Statement

The FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) or sometimes referred to as the “Fed”, concluded its two day meeting today. In a press release,  the FOMC announced it’s thoughts on the state of the economy today and moving forward in addition to its plans for future monetary policy. The equities and bond markets pay close attention to […]

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Mortgage Outlook: Week of August 8, 2011

Last week marked new yearly 2011 lows for mortgage rates as a debt ceiling agreement was reached early in the week. These low rates were sustained through out the week with a small uptick on Friday when the Non-Farm payrolls came in stronger than expected. Fast forward to today and the markets are being rocked […]

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Mortgage Outlook for the Week of June 27, 2011

We start the week off in a positive direction for mortgage rates stemming from multiple positive economic events last week. The first event was good news regarding Greece’s debt issues as the country looks to pass an act that will lay out a plan for remaining solvent and keep other European nations and the IMF […]

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